About Us



PCSTSI came into existence in 2014. The main objective was to look after the interest of small businesses which were generally ignored by the then main stream chambers. In 2013, Act was approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan; in which every district of Pakistan will have 3 Chambers. One is for Industry, Two for SME and Third for Women. There will be no prime chamber and there will be no Provincial Chamber. All Chambers will have the equal status of the District Chamber. Since Inception, PCSTSI has been looking after interest of the small and medium enterprises and enduring their efforts for the promotion of SME’s in Peshawar District.

Our members mainly consists of importers, exporters, traders and shopkeepers / businessmans. SME sector is the backbone of any economy. Our Business community is striving hard, it’s a long road ahead, bright sun will rise and with the support of the Government we will achieve our targets and goals.

Developing strong relations with the diplomatic core based in Pakistan will be one of our Mission. By the virtue of that we will enhance our local export and organizing various seminars and exhibitions / B2B with other countries. Also liasoning with Pakistani embassies / High commissioner’s abroad which can help enhancing our export globally. Establishing a strong relation with the provincial / federal government will also be one of our goal.